Spiritual Causes of Depression

Spiritual Causes of Depression 


Another concern that causes depression is habitual sin. Few are the individuals who are more miserable than one who loves the Lord, yet gets himself caught in one of Satan’s traps. Such individuals find themselves in bondage.


This is how Satan works in the lives of God’s children. He tempts them mercilessly until they give in, and then harasses them ruthlessly with feelings of worthlessness, shame and disgrace. His goal is to move his victim beyond guilt to the point of shame so that they become enslaved to him.


Guilt says, “I have made a mistake”.

Shame says, “I am a mistake”.

Guilt says, “I have done something wrong.”

Shame says, “What is wrong with me?”

Guilt says, “I can be forgiven”.

Shame says, “I am unforgivable”.

Guilt is the convicting work of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of repentance.

Shame is the chain Satan uses to keep his victim captive.


Our perception of our Heavenly Father affects our emotional and mental health. If we have a faulty spiritual belief system we will short circuit our relationship with our Heavenly Father. If we do not have a healthy understanding of who God is, and who we are as His child we will not be able to trust the love of our Heavenly Father. We will limp from crisis to crisis wondering if God truly is good and if He really does care.

How is your relationship with your Heavenly Father? Ask yourself:

-How does God feel about me as His child?

-How does God feel about me when I pray?

-How does God feel about me when I have disobeyed Him?

-How often do I tell my Heavenly Father, I love Him?

-How often do I thank God for loving me?


A healthy spiritual life will require an in-depth study of the love God has for us. The best way to build your self image is to meditate on and interact with Scriptures that express God’s heart for His children. This should be a daily practice until these beliefs become part of who we are. My book, “From Victim to Victor” provides a plentiful source of such Scripture verses.


When we feel secure in God’s love, we will learn to love and accept ourselves the way He made us. Then we will not be concerned about other people’s attitudes toward us. Freedom from “people-pleasing” opens us up to become the unique person God created us to be.


A photo by Roberto Nickson. unsplash.com/photos/7BjmDICVloE