Spiritual Causes of Depression 2

Bitterness                         Pit 333


is another major cause of depression. It eats at your soul like a cancer, burrowing you deeper into depression. When we don’t choose to forgive, all our other relationships will be contaminated by our bitterness, and we will inevitably hurt those we love most. When we choose to forgive, we are opening the door to allow God to change us as an individual.


Forgiving our offender is giving up our right to demand retribution. By forgiving the one who hurt me, I am not saying what he did was okay. Nor am I saying I am over the emotional pain. Forgiveness simply means I am willing to live with the consequences of his sin against me. I let him off my hook, but he is still answerable to God.


 Forgiveness is a major and necessary step to healing. Forgiveness sets us free to move through the healing process and continue to grow as a person. Forgiveness is the key to healing for all emotional wounds.


Depression is caused from long-lasting stresses in every area of our lives. Over-extension of ourselves, painful memories, low self-worth, change, interpersonal relationships, death of a loved one, financial reversals, deteriorating health, destructive compulsive behaviours, addictions and bitterness all contribute to depression. These stresses causing excessive anxiety for a prolonged period of time sometimes result in the depletion of chemicals in the brain. The outcome is diagnosed as clinical depression and is treated with medication.