Cures for Depression

For those suffering with depression, there is much you can do to bring healing to your memories, thoughts, and emotions. 
Even for victims of clinical depression, the medications become more effective once the emotional baggage is dealt with  
  1. Commit your self to doing the work. Make getting well your full time job. 
  2. Pray daily for healing and have several people praying for you as well.
  3. Study Scripture to find out who God is and how He feels about you as His child. Immerse yourself in Scripture believing that God would use it to transform your mind. 
  4. In a journal examine individual verses-line by line, phrase by phrase, and word by word. Personalize them  inserting your name in them. Interact with them out loud and apply them to my life. This way of studying is very helpful in getting the Word into the deepest level of emotions.
  5.     Forgive those who had hurt you Ask God and your family to forgive you. Acceptance their forgiveness and forgive myself.      
  6. Revisit your old wounds with a counselor. 
  7. In a journal write about your feelings relating to your healing journey and everyday situations. 
  8. Play praise music while trying to get to sleep so that your thoughts may be kept under control.
  9. Study, underline and make notes on any books,  various topics or issues concerning the  healing journey 
  10. Listen to tapes, sermons on the subject 
  11. Meditate and commit to memory verses on God’s love for me. Carry those verses with you where ever you go. Say them out loud whee possible whether going for a walk, or waiting for a bus or in the car. 
  12. Do word searches in Scripture on your individual needs and issues –love, comfort, hope, healing, anger, forgiveness, and other issues that may come to mind.  

Recovering from depression is a long difficult journey,

but with the help of your Heavenly Father,

you can have a healthier, happier life. 

Why my soul, are you downcast?

Why so disturbed within in me?

Put your hope in God, my Savior and my God.    Psalm 43:5 


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