Understanding Depression

Depression is one of the most misunderstood illnesses of our day. Most other illnesses are socially acceptable, even spiritually tolerable, but suffering from depression and you are labelled as being mentally ill. Some people expect that one who has fallen beneath the massive wheels of mental illness will never rise again or live a productive life. The Christian victim is accused of lacking faith, having hidden sins, laziness, or unbelief, which is to say you aren’t a Christian at all. Those who have never suffered the debilitating effects of depression can’t begin to understand the complexities of the illness. This can also cause a Christian emotional wounds and broken from society 


Statistics show that one in five people will suffer for an extended period of time from depression at some point in their lives. These statistics include those with clinical depression as well as individuals suffering from post traumatic stress.


Richard O’Connor, a psychologist who has written extensively on the subject and  writes in his book, “Undoing Depression,”   

“I realize now that no simple, single-factor theory of depression will ever work.


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